Community Companion

Would You Open Your Home & Your Heart?

Become a Community Companion Home Provider

Why Community Companions?

When circumstances make it impractical for an adult
with intellectual and developmental disability (IDD) to live in the family home. . .
When an individual is ready to move from a group home setting. . .
When living in a Community Companion Home (CCH) is simply the best choice for you!

Who Can Be a CCH Provider?

Community Companion Home providers are warm, nurturing people
licensed by the State of Connecticut who accept the responsibility of supporting an adult
with IDD in the home.
 CCH providers assist with  communication, everyday living skills,
setting goals, appointments and needs. Providers also help people with IDD keep in
touch with family and friends, make new friends, and participate in
everyday family life
, community activities and recreation.

Here’s how you can help . . .

For many families, the most important reward of being a CCH provider
is not financial—it’s the satisfaction from becoming  part of a dedicated group
of community members
who make life better for people with IDD by opening hearts and  homes.​

And, you’ll receive a monthly tax-free stipend and reimbursement
for room and board
, as well as continued training and support.

Get started today . . .

The Arc New London County would love to meet you! Call today
to set up an interview in your home so we can learn more about your

interests and lifestyle, and evaluate your home for qualification
as a Community Companion Home. All providers are licensed by the Connecticut
Department of Developmental Services; The Arc NLC conducts visits and
assessments prior to making recommendations for licensure.

Finding a match . . .

If The Arc NLC determines that a family is a good fit, the agency will call. 
If you decide you would like to meet a person
with IDD who would also like to meet you, an introduction is planned
at a convenient time
. Overnight visits can be arranged.
Our team will walk with you through the licensing process.

The Arc NLC’s CCH Program Coordinator
and staff provide the following services:​​

               * Clinical support and case management
                * Administrative on-call support
               * Community information and coordination for support 
               * Training  in CPR, First Aid, and how to manage specific needs
               * Ongoing communication regarding reviews, visits, and the  participant’s individual plans.


You will also receive additional training and support as needed,   
enabling your new family member to actively engage with your own
family and in the community
in ways that serve everyone’s choices and goals.

Become a CCH provider now!
Call us at:    860.889.4435 x129
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