The Arc Alerts

Dear Friends,

As many of you are aware, as of Saturday, July 1, the state of Connecticut has no official budget.  This means mandatory and harsh social service rescissions set forth by Governor Malloy are now in place. The Arc New London County's budget and service reimbursements - along with other private providers - have been cut by 10% effective immediately.  The struggle to maintain fiscal health is real and this cut is extremely serious.

An IMMEDIATE call to action is necessary!  It will take a very serious public outcry to wake up the State of Connecticut and command that legislators find a way to resolve the chronic fiscal crisis in ways that do not sacrifice the peace of mind and well-being of the most vulnerable people of the state - along with those that support them.

WHAT CAN YOU DO? - Reach out to your local legislators to heighten their awareness of the impact these cuts have on you, your family member and friends. Keep the pressure on for a quick and suitable resolution that works towards an approved budget.

Cut and paste the message below into an email or make a call TODAY - get your voice heard. Use the link  below to find the contact information for your legislator.



The time to act is NOW.  
The time to use your voice is HERE.  
Stop the cuts TODAY.


Thank you,

Kathleen Stauffer
Chief Executive Officer
The Arc New London County


My name is [YOUR NAME], and  I live in [YOUR CITY OR TOWN].

  • I am an employee of [STATE YOUR EMPLOYER] and I vote.


  • I am or have a family member who is disabled and I vote. 

Your failure to pass a budget is hurting my family and me in the following ways:

  • I am living paycheck to paycheck and furlough days will impact my ability to provide for my family and could result in my reliance on State assistance.


  • My [loved one, friend, family member] needs day services so that [I or those that support him or her] can work and sustain our own budget.


  • Without services, I will not be able to work and continue to contribute to my community.

Thank you.

Please fix this crisis now!