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By the time both the proposed Democratic and Republican budgets were in the queue for discussion in September, advocates for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities thought they were in the clear.

"Both [budgets] adequately funded day and employment services by the time they were going to be voted on," said Win Evarts, executive director of The Arc Connecticut, an advocacy organization for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

"Some will say one leapfrogged the other or whatever, but we felt that if either budget passed, those services would be adequately funded. Now, with the budget being vetoed, all bets are off," he said.

"Our priorities are to obtain funding for services that people need and for services that allow people to develop," Evarts added. "These are very difficult times in Connecticut. We understand the Legislature and the governor are facing a lot of very tough decisions, but it would be a mistake not to fund programs that are widely available in the rest of the U.S. for people with disabilities."

As of today, a balanced budget still remains elusive, and despite all the bipartisan support, advocates still need to work diligently to get their voices heard. A fourth furlough day is set for Wednesday October 25, which will once again leave many individuals and families without critical supports. There are indications that legislators will meet again next week to propose their plans and to vote on a budget by Friday October 13.

Now is not the time to waver in our advocacy. Other groups whose funding is also in danger will not give up as this process drags on, so if we are to be a budget priority, we must continue to be one of the loudest voices in Hartford.

For this reason, I ask that you redouble your efforts. Set aside some time today to again ask your staff, board members, the people you serve, and their families to pick up the phone, write a letter or send an email.

People with I/DD, their families and the dedicated people who work for them, need a budget that fully funds community supports NOW!



The time to act is NOW.  
The time to use your voice is HERE.  
Stop the cuts TODAY.


Thank you,

Kathleen Stauffer
Chief Executive Officer
The Arc New London County



Call, send emails, make your own video. Do what works for you and then ask your family and friends to do the same. If you have already done all of this - DO IT AGAIN!


  1. Make a video and share it with legislators and on social media. 

Social media is a powerful communication tool.  You've probably seen videos that have gone viral of people holding up one piece of paper with some words like the one above. 


We would like to get as many of these as possible, showing how budget cuts effect you & your family. Keep it concise. Record it on your phone. If you don't know how to put music behind it don't worry, your words are what's most important! Please make your last slide says #CTNoFundsNoFuture


Share your video on your own Facebook page and The Arc New London County Facebook page and remember to tag your legislators!


  1. Make phone calls and send emails to your legislators and to the House Democratic leadership.

House Democratic Leaders:

Speaker of the House Joe Aresimowicz -

T: (860) 240-8500



Majority Leader Matt Ritter -

T: (860) 240-8585



Chair of Appropriations Toni Walker - 

T: (860) 240-8585



Your Legislators: 

Click here to find your legislators and their contact information.



  1. Write letters to the editor and contact local news outlets to let them know how your family is struggling without services. 
    If this results in a news story or your letter gets printed, please send a link to and we will share it with others on our Facebook page.