Employment Services
The Arc General Store & Bakery

The Arc General Store & Bakery as a Training Tool:

Offering a positive working environment where TheArc individuals can perform to the best of their abilities, The Arc General Store and Bakery encourages continuous learning and development. The store provides a working environment that encourages teamwork and open communication.

The Arc General Store associates receive hands-on training ensure success in a competitive retail environment. Associates are trained to brew coffee and serve customers at the bakery case.

Care is taken to ensure that excellent customer service skills are maintained at all times. Learning the importance of customer service is a top priority.  Social skills result.

Program participants learn to price and ticket merchandise and how to display merchandise on the sales floor.

Associates learn all aspects of the cash register. They learn how to ring up customers’ purchases, complete transactions, understand cash control, and offer change to customers. Cash handling skills build confidence and self esteem.

The Arc General Store & Bakery prepares participants for a strong and satisfying career in a variety of opportunities in Retail Sales.